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Our insurance agents represent Westminster from our office in Belmont, Ontario.

WMIC Agent Tim Wade

Tim Wade

(519) 644-1663 Ext: 236

WMIC Agent Paul Montgomery

Paul Montgomery

(519) 644-1663 Ext: 224

WMIC Agent Jaclyn Pentland

Jaclyn Pentland

(519)-644-1663 Ext: 231

WMIC Agent Tammy Milcallef

Tammy Micallef

(519) 644-1663 Ext: 234

WMIC Agent Yoh Issaraanatipong

Yoh Issaraanatipong

(519) 694-7016

WMIC Agent Amanda Kellmann

Amanda Kellmann

(519) 644-1677 Ext: 227


We also provide service through several local insurance brokers who work independently and represent multiple insurance companies.

Brokers act as intermediaries between insurance companies and customers, and help customers find the best policy for their needs by comparing policies and prices from different insurance companies, including ours.